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Animal Communication

Animals have been an important part of our lives since the beginning of time. Our pets have a soul to soul connection with us and are part of our families. This is not only in the physical world now, but also that relationship continues in the Spirit World.

Through Animal Communication, we have the potential to explore what our pets and animals can tell us about their feelings and emotions, so helping to develop a stronger bond with them.

As part of our team of Guides and helpers in the Spirit World there are animal spirit guides who are there to bring wisdom, knowledge and support to us as we journey through this life.

Animal Communication Private Readings -

I offer 2 different types of Animal Communication sittings -

1. Working with a photograph of your pet looking at how to try to resolve any issues or problems your pet may have and exploring your relationship with your pet.

2. Pets in the Spirit World - working with one of your pets in the Spirit World, giving information to try to give proof of survival of physical death.

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